Thursday, 27 October 2016

Crochet crochet crochet

Hello lovely readers.  

I've had a busy last few days.  Drove to the nearest 'big town' for 'supplies' (crafty stuff I can't get easily from here) with my mother who wouldn't let me buy any more yarn.  Brought some fabric for Daughter One's Christmas present (a quilt), brought some borders for my Sunbonnet Sue.  Got some curtain fabric for our school (somehow I am the designated 'seamstress' and I have committed myself to stitching curtains though I haven't really a clue how to do that - I'll sort it with Mum's help, thanks Mum).  

Had a lovely day, and was totally exhausted when I got home.  Once upon a time I could shop all day.  I can see those 'shop all day' days looming with at least my eldest daughter who could shop for Australia.  Thankfully the youngest one isn't so interested but I fully expect that she'll grow into it.  

I've spent my afternoon sorting out some hexie projects that serve as my ballet project (you know, sitting in the car waiting for ballet to be over), and I've laid out my crochet blanket above to see how many squares I still need to make (answer, HEAPS).  

And that's been my day.  Nothing too much of note to report.  The weather's beautiful, I'm avoiding all news stations and I'm about to go out and pick my strawberries.  So life is good!


  1. Cute little crochet blanket! Mine only took 20 years or so to make. LOL

    1. :) I can do fast crochet, I do a couple of blocks a night and suddenly it's all done. Applique however is a whole other story!