Thursday 20 October 2016

Something completely different

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart…..), I saw loads of do it yourself Christmas wreaths around on the internet.   I'm sure you’ve seen them, they are made with Christmas baubles and hot glue. 

I managed to score some good deals after Christmas with the baubles (always, always buy your Christmas decorations in the after Christmas clearout!) and they sat in my laundry for ten months, until yesterday.

I don’t know why yesterday was the day, but I got down and dirty with my hot glue gun and I made this:


I’m stupidly happy with it.  I used many many glue sticks and lots of baubles, and it was so super easy.



Really, really simple.  There are loads of tutorials out there.  The one thing I think I needed was more larger baubles, the small ones (of which I have a million) are great for plugging up holes but the bigger ones just look fabulous.  Glue on the bauble, stick it on the wreath.  Glue on another bauble, stick in on the wreath.  Plug any holes with smaller baubles.  Rinse, repeat.


I never throw out those dead cutting mats, they come in so handy for all sorts of other uses!






Now I’m fairly sure I will have to constantly fix the thing, I’m not optimistic that the hot glue will cope with our Summer Christmas temperatures.  But I’ll worry about that when it happens.

I am now officially a craft blogger.  I should start up a Youtube channel!

I’ll be back to quilting tomorrow.


  1. What a great assortment of colors! I scored six boxes of baubles at an estate sale, and plan to do a wreath with them too.

    1. Hi Carole, it's good fun! It was nice to do something with a glue gun instead of a needle for a change!