Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Brandy, the Christmas Pudding




A hundred years ago (well, perhaps ten) I had a kit left over from when we were in the shop.  Doll making was big back then and no doubt I started this one as a shop sample and then we got out of the shop and that was that.  She sat in one of my UFO boxes and waited patiently to be done.

We recently had an all day sewing day at our group, and even though I have 938383 million projects started, none called out to me to be finished.  I bit the bullet and brought along this design and apart from the face details and the painting on her shoes, I finished her!  Quickest UFO I’ve finished in a long time!

I think she’s very cute but I’m so not into dolls these days.  No doubt she’ll end up in a box somewhere, packed away.

I found it really hard to remember how to do the face.  Amazing how quickly one skill replaces itself with another.  I had to go search up my old craft magazines to see some pictures.  I knew I was keeping those old magazines for a reason!

So all in all, a pretty productive week.  I am V. pleased with myself!


  1. She must have been screaming to get out of that UFO box and rightfully "sew". What a treasure. It's good to know that there is a reason we keep all our "stuff". LOL!! I too used to make dolls and your right, I don't think I can remember how to do the faces now. Oh great, now I want to make a doll again! :-)

  2. Thanks, Joan! She's really rather sweet, and I've yet to put her away. Sadly (or not?) I have quite a few Doll UFO's in the cupboard, so I don't think I'm done with doll making just yet!