Monday 10 October 2016

Some quilts (not mine) to show you

Sorry for the crappy photos (how many posts do I start with that?).

This month, and last month are hands down my busiest.  Bring on Christmas, it’ll seem like a holiday compared to the last few weeks.  I’ve been doing very little actual machine sewing but I have been working hard at my sunbonnets and very soon I will be able to show you the whole finished quilt.  But for now, I found some photos on my phone from a quilt show I went to on holidays.  First daughter wants a quilt like the orange/teal squares.  Second daughter wants a quilt like the row by row.  I just loved the jewel box – no matter what colours you make it in it works every time.

The kids go back to school on Tuesday and life will settle.  And I’ll be able to dive head first into what I hope will be a productive last term.  That’s the plan, at least!

How have you been?  Sewing much?

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