Thursday 19 February 2015

Something new, a giveaway and show and tell all rolled into one….

I’ve finished something!


I’ve seen this design on the web a few years ago and couldn’t find a tutorial or pattern for it anywhere, so I thought ‘It can’t be that hard, I’ll make my own!’


And so I have whizzed up this very cute pincushion/sewing caddy over a few hours.  Sometimes things just work easily.  Today was one of those days.


I tried hard to find a bright, sunlit place to take my photos and I think it was a little tooooo bright, so the colours are a little washed out.


And my next version won’t have four straps – it doesn’t need four straps.  But you live and learn.




It has lots of spots for pins and scissors and other quilty stuff, and a lovely little pincushion attached in the centre so you don’t lose it down the side of your chair.


It turned out so well I thought I might use this as my giveaway for the Grow Your Blog party thingie that I promised all those weeks ago. 

So if you would like this, please make sure to leave a comment here:

and I’ll give it till this time tomorrow and then make a draw!

I will also throw in a pattern or two (don’t know of what yet, I have to have a look first!) but I will promise they will be quilty and/or stitchery.

So off you go, and enter if you haven’t.  And good luck!