Monday 23 February 2015

Charm squares and more...

Ohhh gee whiz, the colours on this blog entry are nothing like the real thing.

I had the most divine little pack of charm squares, all about 7" square.  I didn't know what to do with them so I just sashed them together with some pink homespun and it looks really really pretty. Though you'd not know it from these photos.

It still needs a border, and as luck would have it, despite having enough fabric to open a fabric shop or two, I don't have the right colour to use.  So I'm going to have to order some.  I'm thinking a wide-ish border all around, and then perhaps some pinky florally applique around the outer edge.  

I'll wait and see when the fabric comes in.

And because I have many hours to spare sitting and waiting for ballet lessons to finish I made another hexie!  They are very, very delicious!

I haven't decided what to do with them but I do enjoy making them, I really do.

Hope you've had a great weekend, happy quilting!


  1. I'm quite addicted to hexies, too. It takes a lot of willpower to keep them assigned as my the road trip project. I just hate when my photos don't show the colors accurately. Grrr Your quilt is so pretty ... and I can't wait to see it with the additional border and applique.

  2. Yeah that's my problem....I'll pack them 'for waiting at ballet' and then I find myself doing them all the time. The same goes with leaders and enders, I just end up making the whole quilt rather than pacing myself. Such is life :)