Saturday 14 February 2015

Show and Tell

This is a real oldie but goodie. 


It’s still a flimsy but I think it shows up beautifully.  It was a swap I did on the internet not long after we first got our internet connection and I was opened up to the world of internet swapping.


I swapped everything with everyone.  God only knows how much it cost but I got into the swapping business with much gusto.







The final result of one of my quilts is above.  I’m very pleased with how it turned out, though I don’t remember how we swapped our fabrics because I do remember making most of the blocks.  I don’t even know which block we used.

But I like the end result.  Do you? 

Hope your day was filled with quilty things.  The person in charge of the weather is playing silly buggars now – tomorrow will be 44 (that’s 111 in Fahrenheit, apparently).  I foresee a day inside, under the airconditioner, or outside, in the pool.  Not much more than that!


  1. 111? Whoa! Now that is HOT. I agree ... inside in the air conditioning or outside in the pool indeed!

  2. It is -8 C in NYC right now (17 F). :)
    That quilt is mesmerizing.

  3. isn't it amazing how we can be so hot over here and all i'm reading online right now is how freezing/cold/snowy/wet it is in the USA! I don't think we are ever happy with the weather! Snow would be awesome I think.