Tuesday 24 February 2015

A Few Little Purchases....

It was all my husband's fault.

He went away on the weekend and left me at home alone, with the internet, and a credit card.

I took a risk too.  This is all Chinese, and from Ebay.  I don't normally do Ebay.  I certainly don't do fabric from Ebay.  But the colours were so pretty and it was cheap enough and I thought 'why not?'  I was prepared to take the risk in case it wasn't cotton, or it was too thin.  Or whatever.

And yes, it is thin but no worse than what I can buy in Spotlight. And it certainly feels like cotton. And whilst it's pricewise on a par with what I can get from the USA, it all came free postage.  And the postage is what kills us here in Australia.

I don't know that I'll buy Chinese fabric again, but I'm certainly not displeased that I brought this bundle.  I've already got a little quilt in my mind that I want to make.

Hope you have had a great day.  


  1. Pretty fabrics ... I can't wait to see what you'll do with them all.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I'm thinking really simple - 2.5" squares sewn together perhaps. I can see the quilt in my head, just not sure how it will go in real life.

      Thanks for postin!

  2. Replies
    1. I know they are so lovely, right?

      Thanks for posting!

  3. I never buy fabric on the net. I am a touchy feely person, and I Need to finger the stuff I buy. I know there is a huge variety out there, and I have sat there gazing at the screen thinking "will I or won't I" and always walk away. I also find that colours don't reproduce on the screen. I do like what you've bought though. I might well have been tempted had I seen that.

    1. Hi Dasha,

      We are very limited to fabric choices where I live so I do buy fabric online enough to be called regular. But it's generally stock standard stuff I know I'll love (reproductions) that will fit right into my stash.

      I've so much fabric I really have no business buying any more, so I rarely buy enough for a whole quilt - I'd rather see that in person so I generally wait till I'm in a town with suitable shops.

      But these ones tickled my fancy :)

      Hope your day is good!