Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A new tutorial…but not from me

I’ve had no time to sew today, but I’ve now got the cleanest floors!  Sometimes, as much as we want to do the fun stuff, the boring but necessary housework stuff gets in the way. 

I thought in lieu of quilt eye candy of my own to show you, as it has been sadly lacking in that department lately, I’d show you some of the websites I’ve found interesting lately.

Whilst there are so many tutorials out there made by English speaking designers, there are some beautiful, amazing ones by Non-English designers also.  Most of them are fairly self explanatory, and I find I don’t need the words as long as I have clear enough pictures.  Here are some fabulous ones I’ve found via pinterest lately.


This website has many, many tutorials on there, but most are not in English.  However she has translated two for us on there, and the links are below. 



Aren’t they the cutest little purses?  I must make the top one immediately.

The Russian ladies are so clever also – there are so many Russian blogs out there and many have tutorials.  Most of them you can just click on Google Translate (as most of them have a translate button somewhere on the website). 

I had a lovely look at http://vechernie-posidelki.blogspot.com.au/     

This is a nifty little messenger bag tutorial:


And a very lovely purse:


And also at that website there is a very good tutorial for this divine Christmas decoration.  There is definitely one of these in my future, I can tell you!

christmas ball34

How pretty is that?

That will do for today, I think.

I’m about to head into my sewing room and find a prize I think worthy for my first ever giveaway in honour of all my new readers (thank you so much!).  Stay tuned and I’ll pop back on to show you what you could win!


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