Monday 2 February 2015

My Blue Heaven

I stitched a couple more My Blue Heaven blocks.  I’ve kind of left Grand Illusion behind for a while but something about these colours said ‘Suzie, make this quilt RIGHT NOW.  And who am I to argue when the colours call you?
I’m enjoying the making very much, though try as I am to be accurate, I’m still having issues with my half square triangles.
Can you see what I mean above?  It’s not meeting at the point.  Am I being too picky?  Is that the best you guys get?  I mean, we all know that perfect quilter who makes the perfect points and unpicks it until she does, but I’m really not the unpicker type.  But should I be?
Here’s more of the same.  It’s only a half a breath out but it looks obvious.  Should I redo it?  I don’t know.

Half of them turn out beautifully, like this one.  The other half don’t.  I don’t do anything different, I’m sure of it. 

Anyway.  Just something I’ve been pondering.  Do I make each block perfect even if it means I have to unpick over and over?  Or do we reach a point where our skill level plateaus?  Kind of like hand writing?  Doesn’t matter how much I try and do it better, it ends up like this.  It’s not awful, dog’s breakfast stuff, but it’s not perfect either.  Where do I draw the line?  I do each block exactly as I’m ‘supposed to’, half work and half don’t.  What is that about?

Not really questions to be answered.  Just the stuff that goes around in my head.

Have a good one!



  1. I love, love, love your MBH. And I cannot wait to hear the answers. I made my daughter a chevron quilt from HSTs. I unstitched twice and if I was no better off after that, it stayed. But there must be an easier way than unstitching and hoping for improvement.

    1. Hi Kathy

      I reckon twice is enough time to try a seam. I'm sure mine is the cutting/pressing part. Maybe I'm not as diligent as I could be on the bias? I don't know. Thanks for posting.

  2. When I taught patchwork and people asked that question, I used to say "can you live with it?" If the answer is yes, then leave it. If, after the bazillion hours you spend making a quilt you are going to look at it every day and see the mistakes and regret them, then you should unpick.
    In the scheme of things though, once the quilt is quilted, you won't really be able to see those tiny mismatches, unless you set to and peer at them. From where I sit, it looks absolutely fabulous, and I would not worry.

    1. Oh Dasha, you are so sweet.

      This is kinda where i am. I'm sure I wont see it when it's quilted, so should I unpick? I can tell you, I didn't really unpick any of them unless they were glaringly obvious. But I would love to be a better quilter, and I guess my point is - do we reach a saturation point when we are as good as we can be? Or are we always able to get better? Food for thought.

  3. I would live with it. Sometimes if you press the seam allowance the other way it is less noticeable. (just an idea)

    1. Thanks, Popper. I am pretty sure I'll be living with it :)