Saturday, 14 June 2014

The things you find out travelling

Mum and I drove over to the next town about ninety minutes away last week.  Their quilting group was holding a show and you have to support these things, don't you?

I'll post those pictures next week.  But we had to make a visit to the ladies room at the half way point, which is an even smaller town (couple of houses and a petrol station).  It's always been a very normal, every day half way point - place to get a cup of coffee and something to eat if you're desperate.

But I noticed this time they've had a make over.  Look.

My photos are out of order, but as you can see, they have painted the whole side of their building

I love people that take the time to do stuff like this.  There was no real need to - they've done it purely for fun.  

They've painted the drainpipe!  Can you see it there?

Can you see the doors to the ladies and gents?  Don't they look amazing?

Totally made my day.   

Don't forget your handbag!

Till tomorrow,



  1. Love it! Aussies do dunnys in style don't they LOL

  2. Que maravilla, es un placer ver cosas asi.
    Un beso.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments!

    I love Aussie humour. I wonder if the rest of the world is as funny as us?