Thursday, 19 June 2014

2nd May 2014

So my laptop died over the weekend.  No real drama – just by sheer fluke I did a complete copy of all my files the day before.  Sometimes, life works out.

But I’m now on my newish laptop, the pristine clean one that the children will never (supposedly) gain access to, and of course it’s now the family laptop.

So in all the ‘Oh My God We Have No Technology’ dramas here, coupled with the complete PITA that is logging back into everything you own (Picase, Flickr, Blogger etc) and forgetting every single one of their passwords, I’ve not been sewing.

So here’s some show and tell instead.  I think I’ve shown you this before, but this is a quilt I recently did a label for and so I show you again:



This is a ‘Shop’ wallhanging.  Done as a shop sample from a pattern by the Chook Shed ladies.  He is is very cute, as is Rudy.


The Chook Shed ladies really knew how to make simple, cute designs that seemed to walk out of our store on their own two legs.  Always big sellers.  Things are different now – the country look is out of fashion and you are hard pressed to find this sort of fabric lately but I still think there’s a place for designers like the Chook Shed in quilting.


Winter has hit with a vengeance here in South Australia.  But, as always, there is no rain. 


Please think good thought for rain.  My tanks are emptying.

Maybe tomorrow will be a sewing day.  We shall cross our fingers.

Happy Quilting!


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