Sunday 1 June 2014

Another flimsy for the list

This is an old UFO that I am more than happy to see the back of.


The squares in this quilt have a long history.  I began making a quilt a million years ago, and realised quickly that I had made a very bad job of cutting the squares into the required size – 3.5 inches. 

I gave up on those fabrics, recut the quilt using the same colours but distinctively more care was taken, and now have a lovely quilt that I finished, which one day soon I will show you.

But that was years ago, and this box of sad old squares sat for a long time in the cupboard.  When I read about the Goodnight Irene quiltalong, it seemed like an excellent choice of quilt to use them up.  I had to recut them all back to 2.5” because they were too large at 3.5” and it gave me the chance to make them all okay, rather than the dog’s breakfast they were the last time I tried to use them.


And so another flimsy bites the dust.  I must admit I like this pattern very much, it’s the second time I’ve made it.  I love the fact that you can take a series of half square triangles, and squares and place them in a certain way, and they make a totally different pattern than if you placed them another way. 


My points for the most part line up, and those that don’t aren’t too bad.  Considering the state the squares were in when I started, I’m pretty pleased.  Those squares were very nearly destined for the rubbish – to have a quilt finished from them is not bad, really.


My Sunday disappeared from me today.  I had grand plans of getting lots of sewing done, but somehow, all my time seemed to slip away into smoke somewhere.


Everyone is back to school tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to slip in a little sewing time.  I’m working on another scrap project, all blacks and jewel tones and I’m hoping to show you that soon.



And that’s it for today, lovely readers.  Hope your weekend has been filled with lovely, quilty times.



  1. Congratulations.Just stunning!

  2. Красиво получается! Ждем фото готового одеяла!