Friday, 15 June 2012

Triangle In A Square Tutorial

There are lots of these units out there in quilting land, and if you’re like me, you’ve avoided them because of the dreaded template. 

But they are easy, and you shouldn’t avoid them because they make the most spectacular quilt blocks.

So here’s a quick tutorial to show you just how easy they are.

First – download the templates from here.  When printing, it’s important that the finished size of your templates is correct – I need to check the Fit Picture To Frame button to make it fit.  You may need to check the Actual Size button – it all depends on your printer.  The straight edge of your templates B & C (not the picture in the top left corner) should measure 3 1/2” when printed correctly.   Adjust if necessary.

If you like, you can stabilise your template by gluing it to some cardboard before cutting out.  It makes life easier, but it’s not totally necessary.  If you’re doing more than one of these units, and let’s face it, you probably will, this will make sure to keep the template strong and in shape for longer.

Cut template out on the 1/4” line.  (i.e. the lighter line)


Lay template onto your chosen fabrics on the wrong side. 


Trace all around, and cut out.


Lay your Unit B right sides together over Unit A as shown.


Stitch 1/4 inch along.


Fold back and press.


Lay your Unit C right sides together over Unit A/B.


Stitch 1/4 inch along.


Fold back and press.


Trim if needed.  Mine are ALWAYS out and always need a little bit of a shave.  Just a smidgen, that’s all mine need to make them a perfect (cough cough) 3 1/2” unit.

Hope this helps you a little bit!

Till tomorrow,


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  1. did I see a paper pieced pattern on the pdf? For me that would be the best way to make this block... I am lurking on the mystery and will be watching the results. Thank you for all the work you have put into this project for us.
    Mary Malone