Friday, 1 June 2012

Calm Blue Ocean Part Three

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This time, we get to sew something a little different. We’re going to make those old favourites, the half square triangles.

From background fabrics, cut 64 four inch squares.

From coloured fabrics, cut 64 four inch squares.

As always, remember scrappy is best! Use lots of different fabric choices when cutting.

Using method listed below, make 128 half square triangle units.

1. Draw a light pencil line across the diagonal of one of your squares. Draw this line on the wrong side of your fabric.


2. Lay this square over a background square right sides together and stitch a scant ¼” from either side of the pencil line.


3. Cut the blocks apart on the pencil line and press open.


Trim them back to measure 3 ½” and then put into a ziplock bag, marked Unit Three. You should have 128 units.


Unit Three – Make 128

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