Wednesday 27 June 2012

Floral Nine Patch

Floral Nine Patch Cropped Image

I managed to get another quilt hung up on my design wall and photographed today.  You’ve seen this one before, but it happened to be on top of the pile so it got the attention first. 

I’m trying to develop a little process now. 

When I finish a quilt, sometimes I’m particularly slack at cutting off threads, giving it that final press – you know, all the boring stuff.

I’ve been trying to do better, and now have beautifully pressed two quilts, cut all the threads off, made a backing for both of them, photographed them, and folded them (in a different way than originally) and popped them away.  I only have about 100 to go. 

Oh, you think I’m joking?

If I do one a day, which is easy peasy, I’ll use up a lot of my fat quarter stash for backings, and they’ll be refolded properly, and they’ll be all set for the quilting.

This one was also one of my very first quilts.  The nine patches were part of a swap, and I used my mother’s hand dyed fabrics for the applique.  It’s only small, 1.10m x 1.35m and sat, very unfinished for probably fifteen years. 

Yeah, I know.

I pulled it out the other day, I stitched the pink border on, made some side squares to whack on the border, and now it’s a top.  It took about a day. 

So many of my things are need only a few hours to be finished.  I’m hopeless. 

But I’m working on it.

Till tomorrow,



  1. This a very sweet little quilt. 100 tops, I thought I put things off.

  2. WOW, what a beautiful quilt.