Friday 22 June 2012

Calm Blue Ocean Part Six

***just a quick note – it’s been asked if you can paper piece the previous step.  Absolutely you can, but you can’t use the picture on top of the PDF as its not to scale.  Draw your template out as I have instructed, and DON’T cut them apart into template A, B and C.  Paper piece as desired, remembering that your block must be 3.5” when complete (that’s 3” finished, with 1/4” seam allowance around.  Please email me if you’re confused).

Down to this week’s step!

So I’ve decided not to reveal each part of the mystery quilt on the main page from now on, just in case you’re not up to the current step and don’t want to see the quilt till it’s done. 

So click on here to download the PDF, or head over to the Mystery Quilt page to download the next step!

Have fun!



  1. oh no, I can't get to part six. I was so excited as I am now all caught up and anxiously awaiting part six :)

  2. Oh happy day, I'm able to get it now :)