Monday, 5 September 2016

A finish

I’ve had a head cold the past week, and whilst it’s not enough to lay me too low (life does go on!) it’s been enough to fill my head with cotton wool so I can’t really concentrate. 

In other words, the perfect time for some mindless sewing!

And mindless sewing I did, and I finished this:


It had all been glued down with a glue stick and Roxanne basting glue.  So I just sat at the machine and stitched, trying to learn the new technique I picked up at last month’s class.



It’s a little bit hard to see, but I have machine stitched around all the flowers and then stippled the black within an inch of its life. 

I ended up making a piped cushion with the panel.  I have enough small wallhangings to last many lifetimes, and I thought a nice, bright cushion in the ‘good lounge’ would be a real treat.  So that’s the plan.

It isn’t anywhere near my best work, but I think for a first go, I did okay!