Wednesday 21 September 2016

No go for Bruce

I didn’t get the tickets to the concert.  I did get online (refer yesterday’s post) but let’s just say the way you buy tickets online now is DUMB and the way you pay for them is DUMB and the whole thing is DUMB and we shan’t talk about it again.

I’m not that bothered.  The only tickets I could get were standing ones, or ones behind the stage.  Given that Bruce regularly gives four hour concerts, I’m too darn old to stand for that long.  And who in their right mind would sit BEHIND a stage.  Nope.

And it’s on in Adelaide (three hours away) on the night before the girls go back to school for the new year.  It would have been a bit too hard to organise all around.

So there you go.  But I now have internet on my Ipad when I need it.  So that’s a tick.

Nothing quilty to show you yet.  I’ll try and stitch today.  Would like five minutes to myself really!

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