Tuesday 30 August 2016

A Giveaway

Not that kind of giveaway, sorry!

I've been trying to clean up this messy blog and I found this lovely quilt I haven't showed you yet!

Whilst finishing this quilt, we became aware that a family friend's daughter was very, very ill with Scarlet Fever.  She was the same age as my eldest daughter and it was terrifying, waiting to hear if she would be okay (and she very nearly wasn't!)  

You know when your mind is all over the place, sometimes it's best to just sew?  That's what happened with this quilt.   And giving it to this little girl was the obvious choice.

She's fine now.  A few scary weeks in hospital and she was back home.  But it reminded me once again how quickly it can all turn upside down.

Enjoy your day!


  1. So glad she is well and home.

    1. yes, me too. She was sick a while ago, but now is as sparky as sparky. I didn't even know Scarlet Fever was a thing these days!