Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Sunshiney day

Hi lovely readers.

Did we all have a lovely New Years?  I've been on a holiday of sorts the last few days, but hopefully life will return to normal soon and the diet, the exercise, the discipline I'm ready for will be able to get on track.

I've nothing Quilty to show you but thought you'd like to see my lovely Gerbera (is that right?, I'm not a gardener).  My lovely Nanna bought it years ago for my eldest daughter, and it limps along in the pot very slowly, but every few months blesses us with a lovely flower.  I'm surprised it still bloom but bloom it does.  Must be getting a helping hand from above.

Also, I've nearly finished my lovely crochet blanket!  Of course it is far too hot to use it but still..I'm loving it.  I've been trying to decide how to finish the edge, and I've settled on a fringe.  It'll take me ages, I'm sure but at least I'll have a plan.

Always good to have a plan.

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