Thursday 29 September 2016

The flimsy is a flimsy no more

I know I sound like a broken record but this week hasn’t been a good one for quilting.  We have finally crossed a major project (dance rehearsals and ballet concert) off of the To Do list, and the light of the tunnel is there!  Off in the distance a bit still, but there! 

(Until Christmas looms its ugly head but we won’t talk of such things yet, no we won’t)

I am currently sitting by the glow of the laptop being my only light, as we have had no power.  South Australia is being promised the worst storms in the past fifty years today and tomorrow.  Currently the weather isn’t too bad but I think it is quite literally the calm before the storm.  My girls are supposed to go to a school disco down the road for an end of school term celebration – I suspect it might not go ahead as there is not much call for a disco with no music and I’m not sure they’ll have a generator.

So – I’m here to show you my latest finish.  You’ve seen this quilt before, but as I have donated it to our local group, it’s now been quilted and bound and is finished totally!






We are running a small raffle in the next month to raise some money, and the group decided they liked this quilt, so this one it is!

I’ve decided now that I like it very much and might make another.  When out at quilting the other night one of our ladies commented that she didn’t know how to make the star points which really surprised me for a second – I thought that they were easy and this lady isn’t silly at all quilting wise and yet she’d never been shown.  So I figured when my life eases a little, I might do a tutorial for this quilt.  It’s such an easy one, really truly.

So that’s been my life lately – dance costumes, hair buns, school term ending and power blackouts.  I’ll pop back in tomorrow and let you know if we got through the storm unscathed!


  1. Lovely scrappy stars! But then you know me, I love scraps. Hope the lights go on soon. I heard about the power cuts, it made the news last night.

  2. Hi Dasha, thanks for your comments. Lights went off at 4.00 pm and back on at 11.30 pm - relatively easy for us considering the damage the storm has done elsewhere. I'm sure not complaining! It's another night of high winds though so we'll wait and see if we have power tonight again.