Friday 19 September 2014

Ufo’ing like a woman possessed

I have nothing too fancy to show you but I must tell you, I’m feeling very virtuous these last few days. 

I have a big bag full of ‘I’ll do that soon’ jobs that are too boring to contemplate.  Of course, the bag is getting fuller and fuller. 

So I’ve been doing them!  And I’m almost at the bottom of the bag.  Most of them are boring alterations, sewing arms back onto teddy bears, hemming trousers.  Boring boring but I’ve been getting then done!

One of my jobs was to line my Lucy bag.  This job has been waiting well over two years.  It took me half an hour.




You can just see the tiniest piece of pink fabric from inside.  It’s not my prettiest work, but it’s done and I can now use the bag without all of the knitting supplies it holds falling through the holes.


This is not my work, sadly because it’s DIVINE. 







One of our quilting group ladies has had to clear out her mother in law’s house, as both her and her father in law are now living in care.  She brought a whole pile of things to group, and we were allowed to take what we wanted.

There was a very large pile of unstitched fancy work doilies that I lusted over, but someone else took all of them.  I found this unfinished something, and after a bit of concentration, we decided it was a cushion (for a long time we were sure it was meant to be a bag).

All it needed was the insert made, and stuffed, and then the crochet stitched in place and it was done.  Took me half an hour, and now it’s in my front room on my lounge.  It’s been sitting there in that bag for a good year also waiting for me to get my act together.

Why do we procrastinate so much?  It feels so good when all these crappy jobs are out of the way. 

So I’ll continue to work through my UFO’s and try very hard not to start something new.  But knowing me, that probably won’t happen!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Ha quedado un bolso muy bonito y colorido. La alfombra es muy original.
    Un beso.