Wednesday 24 September 2014

Bedford Industries Mystery Quilt

A few months ago, I posted on a sewing day we had at our group, where we stitched a mystery quilt.

I left the day having finished this much of our mystery quilt.  It came as a kit, all precut and it was great fun to do.  

Of course, in true Suzie fashion, it sat there like that for quite a few months until I could decide what to do.

One evening I went out to quilting and I saw one of the other ladies and the way she had finished her quilt off.  I loved it, and I asked her if I could blatantly copy it, and being the lovely lady that she is, she let me.

I first made lots of flying geese.  Excuse the crappy photo, that was taken with my Ipod which is difficult for me to focus.

I then did a quick cream border around the outside of the quilt, just to make the blocks pop a little more.  I wanted them to 'float' a little.

And then, I used one of my copious amounts of dusky pink fabrics to make a small border.  I believe that is called a 'peeper'.

So far so good.

I made the flying geese intentionally shorter than the rows, which meant I had to finish each row off with a cream buffer.  I really wanted just the look of flying geese, not too much to be overpowering.  

And here is the finished result.  You like?

Another flimsy bites the dust.  Finally, I think I'm getting my finishing mojo happening.

(I refuse to tell you what I've started in the meantime).

Happy Quilting!



  1. What a fabulous scrap quilt! I love the flying geese border - it is very effective and so light & airy!

  2. Thank you so much, Karen. I can't lay claim to the original idea but I think it works.

    Thanks again,