Monday 8 September 2014

Pat Speth - Nickel Quilts

I've been UFO'ing during the last few days.

Have you been following Pat Speth's Deli Geese blocks?

I have.  I've made heaps of them.  

I did plan to make all of her blocks, but she's currently up to number 44 and that's a lot of blocks for one quilt!  I don't need more quilts, so I'm almost ready just to finish the few remaining ones that take my fancy and then I will sash them and move on.

They are made in quite an interesting fashion where you stitch half square triangles together and cross cut them in a particular way to make different units.  It immediately caught my attention as I am always up for trying new things.

But as I said, I'm not about to make hundreds of blocks.  I'm on the end straight now and soon I shall sash them (and I'm thinking of placing the blocks on point) so that soon enough it will be another flimsy.

I think I'm almost getting a handle on the half pieced tops in my stash.  If I could get rid of some of the wool UFO's I'd be so pleased.

Are you quilting much this weekend?  Enjoy it!


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