Wednesday 3 September 2014

Triple Irish Chain - an update

I haven't been posting much this week - where do our days go?  Whoosh.  Straight past.

I have been sewing though, and I'm pleased to say that a new flimsy is almost done.

This one won't be a flimsy though.  I've decided to hand quilt it, and it's going on Daughter No. One's bed.  Wish me luck with that! I've not hand quilted for a long time.

I did take a photo of the finished thing, but it's disappeared into the depths of the internet.

Not all of my little squares line up but I must admit, I'm pretty pleased with the amount that did.  I've decided that sometimes, despite all my best efforts, things do go wrong with quilting.  I'm not a pre-washer of fabric, and I'm thinking now that some of my fabrics may stretch/shrink more when I press them.  If I cut right, stitch right, do everything right, the only variable is the pressing.  Short of washing them all, I'm not sure that there's much I can do.  I am a better quilter when I cut larger and trim back, and though it takes twice as long, I am happier with the end result.  After twenty years of quilting, I am confident however that I have got my quarter inch seam working properly now!

I'm off now to piece a backing and baste my layers together, and when I do, I shall surely post a picture for you!

Gloriously, divine weather today.  The sun is out, the fruit blossoms are blooming and the house is quiet.  Life is good!

Till tomorrow,


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