Monday, 29 September 2014

Show And Tell (not mine, sadly)

I’ve always loved a good black/bright quilt.  Something about the combination of colours makes the quilt really pop. 

A few years ago, printed foundation papers were the rage.  Now you can just print them off the internet, but back then a few companies printed them for you and you would follow the dots, so to speak and end up with a lovely quilt.

I’m not a lover of foundation piecing.  I’ve taken to using a washaway stabiliser as my foundation as I cannot be bothered tearing out the paper afterwards.  But I digress.

This is not my quilt.  This is my clever clogs mother’s quilt that somehow has ended up in my cupboard.  That’s a shame.  Isn’t it lovely?


We would get fabric reps come and visit us back in our shop days. They would have ‘feelers’ (remnants of fabric that we would choose from to purchase in our shop) that they would bring in, in big suitcases.  Thousands and thousands of different samples of at least fat eighth sized fabric.  We would beg and beg and flutter our eyelashes to sometimes get given the old, out of stock fabrics.  We weren’t very successful but one lovely salesperson gave us some brights one day.  This is the resulting quilt.







Sometimes quilts work really well and this is one of them.  There wasn’t enough fabric to make it bigger, it’s about a lap size.  It’s been stippled with variegated cotton in the border, and I think stitched in the ditch in the pineapples.  But it’s just lovely, don’t you think?

School holidays is currently on here in my house, so stitching time is limited.  But I’ve a few show and tell quilts up my sleeve that I might show if I get some time.

Hope your weekend went well!

Happy Stitching,



  1. It has become a beautiful quilt and I love the colors beautiful!!!
    Greeting from the Netherlands Tiny

  2. We all gotta make one of these. Isn't it lovely!