Saturday 16 March 2013

Return To Dear Jane–Mama’s Maze

I know that I’m jumping all over the place with my projects at the moment.  I’m finding it hard to settle on one thing.  I’m not sure why I’m unsettled – perhaps a little too much on my plate to concentrate on.  It’s been blowing a gale today, and I’m not a lover of strong winds.  Give me rain any day.

So today, with a little bit of quiet time to myself, I was able to get back into Dear Jane.  I just felt like it. 


This is “Mama’s Maze”, or block E8.  Mine has the same cut pieces as Jane’s but my colour placement is different.  Sometimes I really do question what Jane was thinking – most of her blocks seem to sit right, and look right, and the pattern is clear.  You can see what she was trying to say with her block.  But this one?  I don’t think she knew what she was trying to do with it at all.  I honestly thought it looked like a red hot mess and I didn’t much like it.

So I changed my colour placement and I like my version better.  Sorry Jane.

It really didn’t take too long.  Couple of quiet hours in my sewing room was just what the doctor ordered.

I plan to tinker a little with the blog tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to get all my pages up to date, including where I am up to with Dear Jane.  I wish, I wish, I wish I could get my chart of finished blocks online, but I just am not computerly smart enough to do that yet.  I’m trying hard though.

So until tomorrow (though don’t hold your breath, you know how the days fly by!), happy quilting!


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