Friday 22 March 2013

Dear Jane E10–Five And Dime

E10 Five And Dime

Another one three quarters finished except for the hand applique.  I had a sudden burst of energy a few months ago and made up all these blocks for my ‘free time’.  I read a lot of blogs and many of them mention they hand stitch when their children are at the playground, at the library – I thought I’d give that a go but it’s gone nowhere. That would require actually remembering to take the prepared stuff with you, instead of having it squished up in the bottom of the Dear Jane bag. So I’ve been forcing myself to sit still for an hour or so every day and finish my little stash of prepared blocks. 

I’ve seen lots of variations on this block, the applique points in most of them don’t meet at the centre.  Mine does. 

My littlest person has a school visit today.  The house is very quiet without her.

Happy quilting.


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