Sunday 10 March 2013

Grandmother’s Choice–Ocean Waves block

I had a little time to myself this afternoon, and got caught up to date with this week’s Grandmother’s Choice block.  I’m still miles behind on all the other ones, but I can cross this week’s off the agenda.


Very pleased with it, though some of the ones on the flickr page were a lot more adventurous in their colour choices than I and looked really pretty.  I need to try stepping out of my comfort zone a bit more, I think.

It’s been a hectic week here.  We have a sick child, another one threatening to go out in sympathy, not much sleep and yesterday we went to a wedding (which was just beautiful) by the river.  Temps yesterday were over 100 F so we sweltered.  But, as I said many times, at least I didn’t have a three piece suit on like the groom, or a heavily embroidered lace dress like the bride! (who looked supermodel gorgeous, by the way).

We get a day off our schedules tomorrow due to our annual Adelaide Cup day (horse race for those who have never heard of it).   Hopefully everyone will sleep a little later than usual!

I won’t hold my breath though. 

Happy quilting!


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