Monday 18 March 2013

Dear Jane C10–Patriot’s Lantern

C10 Patriot's Lantern

Whipped this one up yesterday.  The experts online said the best way was paper piecing, but I managed okay with normal piecing.  Paper piecing makes me swear and I’ll save it for the really, really complicated ones.  This one wasn’t too hard, the teeny tiny half square triangles finish at one inch, I’ll admit they were a little scary but other than that, she looks okay?  I think so.

One thing about these extreme closeups, they sure do bring you down to size.  What looks well and good from a distance is magnified very much up close and make any errors stand out VERY much.

Still.  It’s fine.  It’s done.  I only have about 200 more to go. 

Cooking with gas now, I am.  Two Dear Janes in two days!  Woo Hoo!  She’ll be done by Christmas.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Wow! It's more than fine. You did an excellent job!

  2. Excellent. I'm afraid my little half square triangles were barely visible in the square, more of a teeny little corner in a field of white.

  3. Oh thankyou ladies :)

    I do love doing these little blocks. I can see why they are so popular.