Thursday 17 November 2011

Something new

Back in the olden days, when I used to work/own a quilt shop, we were always trying to develop new patterns for our customers.  The Block Of The Month that I've offered as a freebie was one of them.  The patterns that always sold well, for the least requirement of work by me (as time was such a drama) were stitcheries. 

I did a lot of different ones that just didn't work.  You know it's not going to work, but rather than chuck it out and try something new, I would put it in the UFO pile to be finished at a time when my free time was not so limited.

(Ha. Ha. Ha. she laughs to herself, as she realises she hasn't had free time since 2004)

This was one of them:

Once again, not the best picture.  But here is some closeups:

Blogger is being a little bit of a pill so I can't do the rest of the piccies for you but that can be tomorrow's job.

I was going to use a particular matching panel with this quilt that was covered in delicious sewing themed stuff, but I just could not make the darn thing work!  Panels are very difficult to use sometimes.  This was a difficult quilt to do.

So in the end, I stitched them all and sewed them into a wall hanging like this.  I don't mind it toooo much but really, I could live quite happily without it. 

On another note, I must thankyou for your comments that you send me.  I do try to reply to you all, and if I haven't, I WILL!  I promise.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Is there a pattern available? This would be a fun quilt to do with my sewing group.

  2. *yoink*
    (that's the sound of me stealing that fantastic idea for my 'to do' list)
    Yoink is an official word; go on, Google it!