Wednesday 23 November 2011

Housekeeping all done!

Sorry - me again!

I've been very industrious and have now made a PDF link to all the Block Of The Month segments thus far.  I've tested each link and I think (I hope) I've linked them all properly. 

So now all you need to do for each month is click on the Free BOM tab up top, and by clicking on whichever month you need, a new window should open in googledocs and show you what you're after.  You don't need to log into googledocs to access and print them, but you do need to be a member if you want to save them.  If you don't want to become a member of Google, then feel free to email me and I will send you the file myself.

Sigh.  Been a big day and I feel very, very clever.  Best way to learn a new computer skill is to write your own blog.  Go on.  I recommend it!



  1. Wife AND mother? How on earth did you ever have time to do all this for us? I am so impressed and pleased. You are very talented and creative.

  2. Oh shucks. :) Now I'm blushing!!

    I used to own a shop where we sold our own designs. This is one of them and I designed it years the only bit I'm really learning is the computer stuff.

    But thankyou again for the lovely comments!