Wednesday 23 November 2011

Housekeeping - pdf files.

I've been tinkering with uploading PDF's for you to use rather than messing about with fussy printing styles.

Blogger won't let you upload a PDF file directly, so you must use a file hosting place.  I've chosen to use Google Docs using my Silly Goose Account.

This is the link to the fabric choices.  I'd be forever grateful if someone could test run it for me and let me know how user friendly it you need to have a google+ account or can any old quilter do it?  I'm trying to make it all as easy as I can for you.

PDF Link

Any comments are most welcome as to ease of use etc.  I'd be happy to convert all the other ones there if it works!

**edited to add, that seemed to work ridiculously well, the only problem that I can see is that whilst it will let anyone print the document, you must log into google to download and save it.  But that doesn't seem too big a deal to me**