Tuesday 15 November 2011

A couple of flimsies for you

Today was/is a gloriously sunny day, and I was childless this morning (one in childcare, one in school) so I took the opportunity to try some outside photography of my quilts.

You'll remember the apple core quilt?

It's a flimsy now.  I can't decide if I want to take the quick way out and slice the edges straight to make the quilt rectangular or if I want to scallop the edge with the binding.  My nan was here today and she suggested that I float it onto a background border by applique.  I'm not sure how that would work with my skill level, though I think it's the idea I like the most. 

I will chew it over.

This is another flimsy recently finished....it's in my lovely 30's fabrics...

Just another flimsy for now.  I'd never made a tumbler quilt and I liked the idea.  I've got a tumbler dye for the Go quilter now so I might make more.  I'm thinking a truly scrap one, from the overwhelming pile of five inch squares I have right now.

I'm in the process of picking out my Orca Bay fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt, starting soon.  She's doing red/black and cream.  I'm thinking maybe, but then I saw someone who was doing teal, purple and cream.  And I really liked that.  I've already sorted all my fabrics in my sewing room into their colour groups, so when she posts the cutting instructions, all I will have to do is just pick a box!  I'm very clever, I do think. 

What does worry me about my fabric boxes is that they never, ever seem to be depleted.  It's like they are breeding in there.

Are you doing the Bonnie Hunter quilt?  I'd love to see your fabric choices.  And I'd love to see your blogs too!  Now that I have so many more new friends, I don't know how to find your blogs - so if you would like me (and any other readers) to visit, please email me at sillygoosequilts@hotmail.com or leave me a message after this post and I'll happily come visit you too!

Anyway.  Must fly.  Children to pick up.  The day went so quickly.  Sigh.

Talk tomorrow.



  1. I am planning on doing the Bonnie Hunter quilt but will have to fit it in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My blog is http://grannyanne-mysmallspace.blogspot.com/ Come visit me

  2. I love tumbler quilt,it`s fun and lovely.Enjoy !!

  3. I love the colors and fabrics you used in the apple core quilt.

  4. Me parece muy chula la de corazón de manzana

  5. Me parece muy chula la de corazón de manzana

  6. Me parece muy chula la de corazón de manzana