Saturday 12 November 2011

Keep Calm

As I am Very. Very. Sick (I have a cough and I'm miserable) there is no quilting to show you.  But I found something else.  The internet is an enormous place, don't you think?  I've been surfing a lot of places I wouldn't necessarily go and then I went to Pinterest.  I may never leave there again.  It's like being stuck in a maze, a really pretty maze filled with beautiful things you just want to look at all day long!

So I found this:

We've all seen that, right?  From the war?  Not the best quality of picture but you get the idea.

Then I found a million more!  This one is good for mummies who didn't do their pelvic floor exercises like they should.

This is for all of us....who doesn't get excited at starting a new project??

This one just speaks for itself.  My yarn cupboard is worse than my fabric cupboard.

I started to get into the funny ones then.  

 There were sooooo many rude ones that were hilarious, but I decided to leave them where they were, just in case some of you may be offended.  I have a slighly warped sense of humour but I would hate to upset even one person.

Instead I shall leave you with this.




See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Love the "keep calm" send ups. Especially the shut up and get on with it one.
    I have one that has a crow at the top and "keep calm and carrion"
    I am easily amused ;-)