Wednesday, 26 February 2020

057 All Day Sewing - I got stuff done!

I was lucky enough to have a leave pass from parenting duties on Sunday, and I had one aim.  To completely finish my Oklahoma Backroads quilt.

I didn't get it done (a bit too optimistic there) but I did manage to get all the blocks done.  There were a lot there!

This is only a small amount of the blocks, but I wanted to make sure the pattern works.  It's a bit difficult at present to see the pattern developing but these are not sewn yet, and I do find that the pattern comes out a lot more when the blocks are sewn together.

That's today's job, hopefully.  And then I will show you the whole TaDah moment!

Hope you're going okay.  Happy sewing!


  1. wow that is a lot of sewing for one day! it's going to look amazing when completed

    1. I do hope so, though my points could use some work. Thanks for replying!