Tuesday, 18 February 2020

049 Pam Holland Class - Our Class Work

As promised, I'm showing you today the Pam Holland class sample I made.  

I used some weirdish fabrics from Aldi.  Completely out of my comfort zone, but hey, the whole class was out of my comfort zone.  So nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The first part of the class was to piece a background.  That part was easy.  I can do that with my eyes closed.  

I did have to make a join in my background fabric - it called for a longer piece than I had but that was all good, with some finicky piecing you could barely notice the seam.

Our first task was to trace a vase with a marker, and then colour it in.  I coped with that okay.

The next step was to trace a tree from the template, and then DRAW IT OUT ONTO OUR FABRIC!!  Yes, that part was very daunting.

We then ironed our little vase, and Pam's little crow (raven?) onto the fabric.  So far I am coping okay!

And then, we had to start stitching.

That part is daunting to me.  I've never been a very good freemotion quilter, and I've tried various classes and nothing has stuck.  But Pam's version really did stick, and soon I was freemotioning like a pro!

The trick is to know when to stop.  And I don't know if even Pam knows when to stop.

So here are some of the other class ladies at work.

We all did really well, and I think we all felt confident in ourselves at the end of the class.

And here is my almost finished sample!  

I have finished the whole thing, including all the quilting in the borders, but as luck would have it I don't know where I've put the jolly thing.  But I'll find it soon and give you an update on it.  

Needless to say, completely recommend Pam as a teacher.  In fact, I'd say any teacher can teach you SOMETHING.  Just give it a go!

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