Monday 14 January 2019

Stitching up a sweat

It’s currently eight pm at night and 40 degrees (celcius, that is).  Tomorrow and the next two days are meant to be 46 degrees (celcius).

It is hot. 

I spent my day doing various chores, including being at home waiting for two tradesmen, who both turned up at the same time.  One needed the water on to check the sprinklers, the other needed the water off to fix the plumbing.  Murphy’s Law.

I have so many of these small units leftover from a massive miscalculation in how many I needed for a project, so I sat in the cool and stitched.

Photo 14-1-19, 7 29 34 pm

I am determined to finish all I start, so rather than use this for a new project,  I dug out some old applique and have decided it looks rather nice together.  So it will stay.

Photo 14-1-19, 7 35 35 pmPhoto 14-1-19, 7 35 38 pmPhoto 14-1-19, 7 51 31 pmPhoto 14-1-19, 7 51 49 pmPhoto 14-1-19, 7 52 26 pm

Obviously it’s on its side – less pins needed that way to get the idea, but I think it works, don’t you?  And I’ll have to do another plane, but that’ll be easy enough.

Aussies, please stay cool over the next week! 

See you soon!

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  1. It's hot here too, but not as hot as up your way. Love the applique with the leftovers, great use of what you have.