Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Need For Colour

Hi ladies (and gents?)

I'm flapping about from one project to the next right now, unable to settle on a single thing.  Remember that word from my start of year posts?  Discipline?  Not so much.  I've started so many things lately, I really need to smack myself around the head.

So one new thing I can show you that I hoped to have finished sooner is a new baby quilt.  No new babies around here yet, but sometime somewhere someone important will have one, and I figured I can have it in the cupboard for that special new baby.

I saw a really pretty quilt somewhere on facebook (I apologise if it was yours, I didn't know the name of the original poster) and I had some perfect fabric that I've been saving for 'something special'.  This design was very sweet, and though I'm not stealing the exact design, you could certainly say that I have been influenced by it.  Rows and rows of tumblers, and some applique (which hasn't been thought of yet) and then it'll be done.

Not sure why, but I am feeling a great need for brights.  Cheery, sweet, lovely brights.  The Go Cutter I have made short work of these tumblers, and after cutting them out, I was left with these lovely scrappy parts, which I have put into a special bag to use for applique.  I've also started an applique quilt that I will share with you another day.  I know.  I'm truly hopeless.

So that's my quick update for today.  I can see on the side there that I have some new followers - hello and thank you for joining us here!  I got very sad when I lost thirty or so followers a few months ago, I thought I had done something awful to offend them, but I realised it had something to do with google reader (or something else equally technically confusing).  So it's nice to have some people to take their place!

Today was a glorious, beautiful autumn day and I managed to get all my washing done and off the line - so yay me!

Hope you're all doing well, and I shall chat with you another day!

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