Sunday, 3 April 2016

International Quilters Day

Hi Lovely readers,

I'm running short on time today, so just a quick post, full of pictures.

I've finally had the chance to upload some from our International Quilting Day.  

We had a brilliant day, the Apron ladies (the committee) were absolutely, totally, completely exhausted by the end of the day - you can see there were many, many visitors there.  Lots of shops, lots of guest speakers, a challenge.  It was well worth the organising and so far I haven't heard any negatives, which is brilliant.  It was organised within an inch of it's life, so I'd be surprised if something went wrong.

Nothing did, all is good.

Hope you enjoy the photos, the last few are from the challenge we hosted, you can just see the corner of mine in the above photo.

Have a lovely, sunny day!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of quilter's to gather in one place! Looks like it was tons of fun. How's that Texas braid coming along?

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting! The Texas Braid has come to a grinding halt while I start something new. What a surprise! I'll be back onto it this week, I think. And yes, it was a large gathering to say the least!