Friday, 1 April 2016

Red Star Scrappy Quilt

I am currently making a Texan Braid quilt, which uses lots of 2" red squares.

I don't have a lot of red, which surprises me because I thought I had loads.

Then I remembered - I made a quilt totally out of reds and creams.  I'm not sure if it's anyone's design - I made it too long ago and maybe I've seen it somewhere, maybe not. 

I had decided to show it at our International Quilting Day which meant taking from a top to a quilt - so I took the opportunity to take a decent photo for my quilt diary, and I now take the opportunity to show you!  You may have seen it as a flimsy but I thought it was noteworthy that it's now a QUILT!

One less flimsy on the pile.  One more finished quilt.  That's a plus!

See you later, alligators.

1 comment:

  1. Es precioso y me encanta con los tonos rojos.
    Un beso y buen fin de semana