Thursday, 14 April 2016

More colour

I was out most of today, running children around.

But I did have an hour or two spare to myself, and I took the opportunity to sew my tumblers into rows.

It took me ages to put the colours in a pleasing way, and still now I find that some are too close together. But such is life, and tomorrow, if I have another hour or two, I shall sew the rows together.  I had to number them because knowing me, all that arrangment would get lost if I didn't.

Such delicious colours.  They look really really really bright in this photo, but they are not too bad.  I mean, they are bright, but not in the 'see it from space' way that the photo makes it look.

School holidays start tomorrow.  Where did that term go, I ask you?  I will enjoy not having to be anywhere at a particular time, I can tell you.

Have a lovely sewing day!


  1. What a fun quilt! Love all the colors - it's a happy look.

    1. Thanks, Pam! I do like the brights right now.

  2. Imagine getting AHEAD on your quilting projects! Gee, it never happens to me.
    May I ask which size Go Cutter die you used for the tumblers?

    1. Hi Margaret, I can only dream of being in front! Will never, ever happen. I am using the smaller die, the one that is about three inches tall and two inches wide at the top. I don't know the correct reference number.