Saturday 2 January 2016

Totally Tutorials - Resuable Lunch Sacks

There are many lovely tutorials over at and I found some lovely reusable snack bags there.  
Whilst this is a great idea for lunch bags, don't you think that it would make an excellent bag for a young girl to have in her school bag filled with sanitary products?  I'd have used that when I was a teenager!

I'm still struggling with this blogger interface.  The Livewriter website assures me that they have fixed any issues, or nearly fixed perhaps.  I plan to spend a chunk of tomorrow afternoon sorting it out, all being well.  Finding time to carve out on the computer is quite difficult right now!

Hope you've all had a lovely, quilty day!  


  1. happy new year to you, and love the snack bags. I will be interested in hearing what you find out about LiveWriter, as I am missing it too.

    1. I'll certainly keep you updated, Jude! I just need a bit of 'quiet time' to think it all through.