Monday 4 January 2016


Every year I've done the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, and mostly I've liked them.  I haven't loved them, but I liked them.  Last year I didn't like it one bit, but that's no secret.

I decided with all my Christmas responsibilities I wouldn't do this one as a mystery quilt, but make sure I really liked it before committing.

Of course, this one is stunning, and the choice of colours is right up my alley.  So I've started it.

For the first time I've used the Easy Angle tool and all I can say is, why didn't I use it years ago?  How easy it is to make the half square triangle units now?  I will never go back.

Of course, I have made nine of the 292846393 units required so I suspect I shan't be finishing this quilt in a hurry, but that's okay.

Have a lovely, quilty day!


  1. this year's Bonnie mystery is a beauty. I'm doing more controlled scrappy, and using her colors since we were in many of the towns in Italy last year also. Almost finished putting the blocks together and am loving it. You will too I'm sure

    1. Lucky duck you, being in Italy. I was there 20 years ago. I want to go again, but take my time this time. I want someone to pay me to travel, that would work :)