Friday 1 January 2016


I did what I promised myself - we stayed home last night and played Monopoly with the kids, and I was in bed by ten thirty.

Again, SUCH a party animal.  It was brilliant.

Today we are doing Christmas Mark Two for the other half of the family who were not here on Christmas Day, so I am sneaking a quiet minute before it all begins.

I've seen the Bonnie Hunter reveal and yes, I am totally going to do it.  I'll even go with the same choices I had mentally penciled in - all of my reproduction Civil War fabrics will work fabulously so when I have a spare five minutes I might grab a start.

I hope you're having a great break, I'll see you another day!  I'll leave you with some photos of what I achieved in January last year.  Last Year.  Hah.

I'm sure I achieved more than this, but that's all I blogged.  Another one of my resolutions is to be more vigilant in blogging my workings - it's a really lovely reference to the year.

Have a good one!

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