Monday 25 January 2016

Allietare Flimsy For Now

I've managed to put the top of Allietare together over the last few days.  I still need to buy some borders and finish it completely, but for now, it's as done as it could be.




Funny how light can change the colour of a picture.  Makes ordering fabric online very tricky, when you think about it.  All of these photos were taken at the same time, just some of them had a different light setting on the camera.

Anyway.  For now it's done.  It's the same as most of the Allietare's out there, but I don't mind.  Apart from the borders I will need to buy, it is all stash fabrics, and all reproductions.  And I think I made it pretty well!

I hope you Northern Hemisphere people are coping okay.  From a girl who has only ever seen snow in Switzerland, I'm amazed at all the pictures I'm seeing of the snow storm.  It sounds so exciting, but I suspect it might wear thin very quickly.  I hope you used the snowed in time in the best way - quilting!

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