Sunday, 22 November 2015

My Blue Heaven (or at least half of it)

I tried making the Quiltville My Blue Heaven quilt.  I’ve talked about it before, it turned out blech, like one big blue blob.

I ended up making two separate quilts (why not, it’s not as though I don’t have enough tops already!), and this is the first one.  I like this one, the stars are clearly defined, it all looks a treat.






The other one looks very dull.  It’s okay, better as a back than a front I think, which is what I will end up using it for.  I don’t know if I posted it before, looking online is too much like hard work so I’ll just repost that tomorrow if I have.

So we all okay this weekend?  I had a quiet weekend, went out for tea with my in-laws last night, went to the Russian Ballet the night before (I am v. v. cultured – didn’t you know?).  Staying in tonight, back to the school rush tomorrow.  The ballet was beautiful, and the audience was filled with little girls, as they were performing Sleeping Beauty.  Ever hear a group of little girls tittering in laughter when the boy ballet dancers come on?  Oh, it was gorgeous.  I mean, there are NO surprises when it comes to the male dancers costume, and the little girls thought that was hilarious.  I must admit to wondering myself how … well, how they put their tights on, if you get what I mean.  Fabric seems to perform engineering miracles in certain places, it really does.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow – keep well, everyone!


  1. I just finished "My Blue Heaven", a UFO since?? I never dated it, can't remember how old this one is.
    But I used blues and yellows. Much brighter. All I have to do now is quilt it, bind it, make a label and it will be ready to gift.

  2. The quilt looks great! I can't imagine you doing two like that and putting the other on the back of a quilt. Why not donate that one to charity if you don't like it? Lots of charity groups would be more than happy to accept it as a donation unfinished. I have two downstairs to finish which were donated part completed to my charity group.