Monday 23 November 2015

Earth Laughs In Flowers






My great grandmother was an accomplished needlewoman (like really accomplished, one strand thread embroidery, back as good as the front, etc etc). 

She was also a world class hoarder.

Somehow, I was given (probably by my Nanna, her daughter, NOT a world class hoarder) a piece of Irish linen that came from Great Grandmother.  Goodness only knows how old it was.

I found a really lovely stitched saying somewhere, in one of the many magazines I have here.  I decided I would use the lovely piece of linen and embroider this on it.

But I can’t do ‘fancy’ embroidery to save my life.

So my mother finished it for me.  It has at least three generations touching it, probably four.  I’ve framed it which is why it looks cloudy.  I did have it hanging on the wall for a long time but it’s been packed away in a box someplace, which is okay.  One day I’ll find it again and put it up somewhere.

But it’s safe and sound for now.

Hope your day went well, mine was filled with Children Activities and Volunteering For School.  It’s the pointy end of the year when all the Christmas activities and swimming activities are crammed in before the end of term, which means I’m out a lot.  But small blessings – ballet will finish soon for the school year and I’ll have my weeknights free at least!

Talk soon!

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