Saturday 21 November 2015

More light and pretties….

I’ve showed you this before, but as I am rephotographing and labelling everything, I have a better photo for you.

This is prototype Two of the very first quilt I ever made. 

I know, nothing like jumping in the deep end.

Prototype One was a disaster.  I knew nothing.  The pattern was in centimetres.  Nothing worked,  nothing matched, it was a dog’s breakfast.  Most of it was made in polyester.  Did I mention it was a disaster?

I so loved the design though.  So after I had given up in defeat with Prototype One, I put the pattern away for the day when I perhaps knew a little bit more about quilting/pattern drafting and I could maybe do the quilt again properly.

And I did.  There are still swathes of imperfect things in this quilt – I doubt any of my nine patches are exact (so, so far from that), and I’m sure the points of the flying geese don’t work but I don’t care.  I love it to pieces.












It’s not massive though and it remains a flimsy partly because I am thinking I might add a few more borders to it, to make it a bit bigger.  It’s currently too small for a single bed but it’s so bright and cheery, I think it would look great on one of the girls’ beds.  I can’t decide.  I’m dithering, I know.  My brain is all over the place right now.

I have very little in the way of pastels anymore (because I’ve used them all up!  Have to buy some more fabric!  What a shame!) and I think that’s what is stopping me.  I’m planning a day trip to the next town to do some Christmas shopping soon so that might be the push I need to pop in to the local quilt shop and get some pretties. 

What do you reckon?  What should go next?  My brain is stuck in a log cabin rut so I’m finding it hard to think of any other patterns.

Hmm. Shall continue to give it thought.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. You are an amazing person trying something like this as your first quilt. I don't see any imperfection and no one looks at your quilt at 1 cm from their nose. Your so call "non-matchyness" just means it is hand made by you and there are more love to it. Can't wait to see more quilts from you.

  2. Oh thank you so much!

    I must be clear though, this is my second attempt at the First Quilt, done years and years of time and experience later. The real First Quilt is horrendous! I still have it though, in all it's polycotton wadding and fabric glory!

    Thanks again for posting!

  3. I love your attitude (partly because it's so much like mine) ... perfection is so over-rated. The key is does this quilt make your heart smile? If so, then it's perfect! If it makes any difference, I love it and think it's perfect!

  4. That is one gorgeous quilt. No wonder you fell over though if you tried that for your first ever quilt. How much more do you need on it? Would a border to match or complement the three around the logs be enough? Even it if wouldn't, I think it would finish the quilt. How about a narrow framing border, then a row of square in a square blocks then the three rows.